everyday magic

capturing the real you

Nothing is better than real moments, real life, the real YOU. Photos from our session will wrap you up in warmth and comfort like a cup of tea. They'll become old friends you visit again and again, lingering over memories and stories from long ago. They will be photographs you would run into a burning house for.

honest & personal

joy does not live in perfection

A session with me is casual, easy and carefree - kind of like we're getting together for a cup of tea and oh yeah, I brought my camera and will take a few pictures too. I don't care what you're wearing or if your toddler doesn't crack a smile the entire time. I want honest and personal connections. I want laughter and tears and everything in between. Together, I want to create images that illustrate how despite life being chaotic and unexpected, you loved madly and had a good time.

Come, let us have some tea and talk of happy things. Sign up with your email address to stay in touch.